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Leipzig: My Favorite Eateries

Lieblingsorte Leipzig

„Introduce your favorite places in Leipzig!“

With this great idea, Anja from the lifestyle blog schönes + leben has called out a blog parade. Admittedly, not an easy task – the selection of beautiful places in Leipzig is quite large. So I was spoiled for choice …

Which simplified it: For me, of course, everything centers around food. But do I really have favorite eateries? On closer inspection, I find that my taste compass always points in the direction of a different location, depending on mood and season. So I have a lot more than just three places where I feel particularly good in Leipzig.

I still had to make a selection. And here are my top 3 eateries of Leipzig!

My favorite Leipzig place for …

… a quick pasta: Ristorante Localino

Everyone knows those days: Either there is a yawning emptiness in the refrigerator or the mood for cooking is close to zero – but still, the hunger is biiiiiiiig. Since my brain in such moments likes to show a wasteland that competes with the empty fridge, there’s really only one culinary solution in this situation: the famous „Italian around the corner“, as we say in Germany. And I consider myself very lucky that there was the Ristorante Localino in my neighborhood while I was living in Leipzig!

Pasta im italienischen Restaurant Localino in Leipzig

Classics of the Italian cuisine are casually served here. Down-to-earth, plentiful and always excellent! No wonder: A real Italian spreads his magic at the stove. Trust me, the menu is only necessary to inform yourself about the dish of the day. The rest is done by your personal taste compass.

Mine usually points in the direction of Tagliatelle al Ragu di Carne – probably the tastiest Bolognese in town. Why? Instead of minced meat, juicy pieces of beef and veal are used in the sauce. Accompanied by a glass of Rosé and my taste buds are happy. Especially because I know that there is always an excellent espresso for the finale …

  • Where? The Localino is located at the corner of Marschnerstrasse and Sebastian-Bach-Strasse in Zentrum-West.
  • When? Tuesday from 5.30 p.m., Wednesday to Sunday 11.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and again from 5.30p.m. Kitchen closing time is around 10.30 p.m..
  • Good to know: Even if the outdoor area is directly on Marschnerstraße and doesn’t look quite as inviting – the first impression is misleading. On warm summer evenings, it feels very Italian to sit there. Also good to know: Pizza is not available at Localino!

… a lazy summer evening: Kaiserbad

Kaiserbad Leipzig Freisitz Plagwitz

The outdoor area of the Kaiserbad in Plagwitz is probably one of the most beautiful in Leipzig! Based on the motto „Industry meets nature“, the terrace between Westwerk, Karl Heine Canal and graffiti art has an urban flair that can only be found in Leipzig.

Alongside an extensive selection of cocktails and good wines, the menu at this trendy eatery also includes a whole range of unusual dishes. Currently, for example, the date-chili burger or the veal sausage with saffron risotto make your mouth water.

Quinoa im Restaurant Kaiserbad Leipzig

Although, my taste buds occasionally imagine more than the kitchen can actually deliver. But I have discovered: the vegetarian dishes are a safe bank at the Kaiserbad. My all time favorite is the red quinoa salad with chickpeas!

  • Where? Karl-Heine-Straße 93 in Plagwitz.
  • When? Every day from 10 a.m. till 11 p.m.
  • Good to know: If you’re very hungry, it’s better to step back from the Kaiserbad – it can sometimes take quite a long time for the waiters to notice you …

… the end of the day: Wine Bar Renkli

Geschmackskompass Renkli Weinbar Leipzig Tipp Tatar Restaurant Food Blog Blogger

When the pen falls after work, it’s time for Renkli. The wine bar on ”Karli“ is my favorite place after long working hours. Especially because there is a wonderful hustle and bustle, even on Mondays: students, office folk, women’s groups, pensioners – the crowd is COLORFUL. Or Renkli, as they say in Turkey.

Geschmackskompass Renkli Weinbar Restaurant Tipp Leipzig Food Blog Blogger

This is also where the roots of the wine-crazy host Fathi lie. He has studied the grape juice in all its facets, he knows (almost) every winemaker from his cellar personally, and he has a feel for the taste buds of his guests like no other. That’s why you won’t find a wine list at Renkli. Instead, there is a sheet of paper with a small selection of dishes for the proper foundation: for instance, „Some cheese and bread“ (6 euros) or an excellent „Tartar“ (12 euros) made from a secret recipe of the patron.

  • Where? Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 2
  • When? Mondays to Saturdays from 6 p.m.
  • Good to know: A bottle of tap water is always on the table and completely free of charge.

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